Maths Mastery Primary 2

Parents and students alike become more anxious as our little ones (or perhaps older little ones) transit from the "honeymoon" Primary 1 to a slightly more demanding Primary 2. While some Primary schools may still enforce a lenient examination policy such as non-computation of final grades or averages, a decent level of Maths mastery is still essential especially for parents looking to the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). Parents should note that Fractions is introduced in P2 in addition to the usual P1 topics (more demanding in concepts and question types). The topic of fractions is almost always a difficult topic to grasp for P2 as there is a need to consider two numbers "stacked" atop each other.

Our P2 course is crafted (and continuously refined) in accordance to the latest syllabus and examination format that is prescribed by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Singapore Examination & Assessment Board (SEAB). Your child will be proficient in:

  1. Whole numbers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of up to 3-digit numbers;
  2. Fractions such as interpretation of fraction as part of a whole, reading and writing fractions, comparing and ordering unit and like fractions;
  3. Measurement such as length, mass, volume, time and money;
  4. Geometry such as 2-D and 3-D figures, patterns in terms of shape, size, orientation and color, line, curve, and surface;
  5. Data Analysis such as picture graphs and solving problems involving picture graphs
Maths Mastery Primary 2
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