Science Mastery Primary 5

In AKLC Science Mastery™ programme, students will be engaging in interactive activities such as quizzes, group discussions, debating sessions and learning journeys which challenges students on Popular questions especially daily applications which serves as a booster to Open-Ended Questions. In addition to completing the Primary 5 Syllabus, teacher will revise Primary 3 and Primary 4 work before their exams.

A weekly spelling which acts as a booster will be conducted to help children with familiarise themselves with the scientific words. Their hard work will then pay off with a monthly experiential experience where they will learn to plan and implement the experiments to meet the objective. Through the Science Mastery™ programme, your child will learn more in-depth knowledge on topics such as:

  • Water/Carbon cycles
  • Cells
  • Human reproductive systems

Science Mastery Primary 5